Course Reflection


I have found this course very helpful; it forced me to move passed “the why” to the use technology in the classroom to “the how” to use technology in the classroom. Prior to taking the class, I really had no idea of the benefits of web 2.0. I knew that the web had changed, and the way I used it changed, but I never really stopped to think about how it changed, and how I could use it as a learning tool. Given the safety of the environment, and the support of my colleagues, I felt encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

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Blogging In the Classroom

I was concerned with my Writing Proficiency class, their journal entries were getting progressively worse instead of better. I found that students were becoming very lazy with their journal writing. It wasn’t just the content, but the grammar and spelling. They were not paying attention to detail, and making very careless mistakes – I was worried that their writing skills were regressing! Something had to be done…

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 What is our role, and how are we going to define our roles in the age of WEB 2.0.  First, let’s identify what are some of the  concerns we have with becoming teacher 2.0; is it the technology?  are we worried about becoming redundant? or we are feeling uncomfortable using the technology? worried that the technology will not work during the lesson? I have been asking myself, WHERE DO I START?  

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The theme/ focus of this years conference was “Our Global Impact: My Responsibility”. The keynote speakers certainly emphasized this point, the facts, and the pictures showing the current state of the world is daunting; yet they left me feeling hopeful about the future.  

Although, the world is in a crisis, the focus was on the “positive” what we are doing right, and what we need to do to mitigate further damage.

 Alan Atkisson, William Lishman, and John Lu were very dynamic and thought provoking speakers; however, I must admit that I was really impressed with the student keynote speakers. Specifically, Alexandra Eduque, at the risk of sounding biased, I really feel that Alex spoke from her heart.  She has restored my faith in the next generation – she captured the essence of what it means to be a “global citizen.”

Pecha Kucha and the art of liberating constraints


“Pecha Kucha and the art of liberating constraints”: Zen Presentations 

“Less is More….”


This method of doing a power point presentation is very effective, it helps you to keep in mind that

“Less is More”- it is good for students to practice!  It forces you to keep in mind the point of the presentation, who is my audience, and how can I communicate my message in six minutes and forty seconds. This is definitely, a technique I will use with my classes. Facilitating the opportunity for my students to learn and practice this type of presentation, will assist them in becoming better researchers as well as oral communicators


“Engage Me or Enrage Me”:

I must admit when I read the article I was a little put off, even a bit defensive….

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Teacher 2.0


The  WHY we need to use technology in the classroom !

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